Buying Guide

Before you order, it’s best to take some time to check that your new furniture will fit your room and that it has the right proportions for the look you want to create.


  • Darker woods look bigger, heavier, and more dramatic; perfect for larger rooms.


  • Glass, mirrored and bright acrylic furniture give the illusion of light and space in smaller rooms and leaves you free to change the colour of your décor.


  • Less is more – the greater the amount of furniture, the smaller a room can appear.


  • Aim for unity if you’ve got a small room, co-ordinating furniture is more sympathetic in compact spaces.


  • Clutter diminishes the size of a room, so calculate for storage furniture such as cupboards, shelves and drawers.


  • If you work from home, stylish office furniture can transform your space.


  • Most living spaces will need a small occasional table or two, and your choice will depend on whether you want them for decoration, entertaining, or storage.